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Here’s my portfolio that I ended up taking to NYCC! I sadly only managed to get one portfolio review. But it was from Becky Cloonan, so HELL YEAH! TTwTT

Here’s what she more or less told me:

I have good Story beats, great atmosphere, great faces and a good sense of voice in my pgs. That she could tell what was happening even without the words.

I gotta work on perspective still (but that it’ll come with time), and to work on my depth. To bring out the characters and the bg’s so they mesh better together. And she told me a rule of thumb “Always have at least one BG per page.” 

That’s about it! I even wrote it down next to my desk so I’m constantly reminded @w@

If anyone ever plans to go to NYCC for portfolio reviews, don’t do it lol! Go to SPX or other indie comic geared cons! XD A big problem I had was not wanting to take up too much time of the editors/artists I met with. Its a busy con and not the best environment for chatting and such. XD 

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21 notes

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